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API Support to connect with popular Cloud Providers

XVPS can be managed through API connection to popular providers such as Vultr, DigitalOcean, Linode... or your own VPS is extremely simple.

Digital Ocean
Google Cloud
AWS Lightsail
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General Information

You can view general information in the control panel or detailed information for each VPS you manage.
Information is updated within 15 minutes except for special cases such as overload or emergency.



The best VPS manager I have seen & used so far!

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Management features

We always develop, optimize and apply the latest features to your VPS.

Monitoring services

Monitor and report services like nginx, php, mysql...

Nginx Management

You can edit and set up custom configurations for Nginx.

PHP Management

You can set and modify PHP values right in the configuration area.

MySQL Management

You can manage MySQL services directly on the management interface.

SSL/TLS Management

You can create certificates for domains or manage SSL/TLS services for domains right on the management tool.

Webapps Management

Extremely simple initialization and modification with an intuitive interface.

Databases Management

Create a database and assign permissions directly on the Database Administration.

Other Features

...and many other features we update and develop every days.


Whether you manage a single VPS or manage multiple VPSs, we have the right package for each of your needs.

Free trial


Suitable for those who are new to the transition from Web Hosting to VPS.

  • Full Features
  • Unlimited Webapps
  • 1-click install Laravel, WordPress, ...
  • Manage Nginx, PHP, MySQL...
  • File Manager
  • Backups
  • System Stats Monitoring



Suitable for those of you who are used to using VPS and managing a small group of VPS.

  • 1 VPS
  • Unlimited Webapps
  • 1-click install Laravel, WordPress, ...
  • Manage Nginx, PHP, MySQL...
  • File Manager
  • Backups
  • System Stats Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring Service



Suitable for managing & monitoring multiple VPSes at once without hassle.

  • Unlimited VPSes
  • Unlimited Webapps
  • All features of Basic plan.
  • Git Deployment
  • Team Management
  • WordPress Management
  • Uptime Monitoring Service
  • Many more features...
  • Priority Support +

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions before deciding to use our services.

What is XVPS ?
XVPS is a management system and automatic installation of services to create websites on VPS. Allows you to manage multiple VPS at the same time on our system.
Can I try the service ?
Yes ! You can completely try the service before deciding to use our service for a long time. The current trial period is 30 days.
What is the main function that XVPS supports ?
XVPS supports you to manage and set up services such as Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Redis... In addition, basic operations such as initializing a database and adding a website like Laravel or WordPress are extremely simple through the management interface.
How about payment method ?
We support monthly or yearly payment depending on your usage needs. You will receive a promotion period of use if you pay annually depending on the time of the promotion.
How do I sign up for a subscription ?
It's very simple, choose the service plan that suits your usage needs and follow the on-screen instructions.
How to suggest features or contact XVPS ?
We always try to research and develop the features to make your VPS system work as best as possible. If you have any feature suggestions or problems please contact us using the information at the bottom of this website.